Monday, September 13, 2010

Creation Myth for RPG World-building Project

So as promised here is the myth that the people who populate the fictional realms of the Tribes that we are going to be building here believe in. Or at least the version of it that is believed by the as of yet unnamed example tribe that I'll put up soon. The tribe is a bit of a lore keeper type of tribe (spoiler alert LOL).

In the earliest of days the world was dark and empty,

The gods looked at this and it made them sad,

So they gathered together and spoke with each other,

“Let us make new friends for us to know and teach,”

“But where shall they live?” said the gods to each other,

“For they cannot live in the realms of the gods.”

“Then we will make a place for them to call their own,”

“Come let us make form from the emptiness, and light from the dark.”

So the gods shaped the world, building the world that would become home to the Tribes,

They formed a beautiful and perfect home for the First Tribe,

A wonderful Haven where they wanted for nothing and were always safe,

And the gods watched over the Tribe and taught them many things,

But soon the gods became disappointed with the Tribe,

For they became fat and lazy and did not listen to the gods’ teachings,

“Look at our friends;” said the gods, “they are foolish and lazy”

And the gods’ anger became great and they burned away the First Tribe,

The gods were then sad at the loss of their new friends,

And they decided that they should try again to make friends to teach,

“But how will we stop them from being fat and lazy like the last ones?”

Then the gods gathered together again and thought on these things,

After a time the gods decided on what they would do,

They shaped the world anew, creating the world that we know today,

Instead of a single perfect haven, they shaped many varied lands,

Instead of a soft place of safety, they shaped a crucible for the Tribes to test themselves upon,

The gods made many new friends to fill the new lands,

They said to each other, “As the lands shall harden and sharpen them,”

“So to shall they harden and sharpen each other,”

“In this way they shall never grow soft and foolish,”

Thus the Tribes were formed. They have endured many trials and hardships,

They have grown in power and knowledge, and always revered the gods’ commands,

Every year they gather at Haven, to greet the new friends that the gods send,

And each year those who come of age go on to be with the gods.

This is how it has been ever since, and how it shall always be.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Communal RPG World-building Project

So I've been working on a new campaign setting for my next RPG for quite some time now. It has slowly been piecing itself together in my mind and I really think the overall narrative plot has finally solidified and the a lot of the generalities of the world have come together. Now I am just working on filling in a whole bunch of details.

In order to do that I want to try something I haven't done before but I think will be really interesting and fun. I want to open up a portion of my world-building for this setting to my friends and fellow RPG players. I want to get different insight and perspective than I can produce on my own. I think this will help make for a really fun and vibrant world. And if I get the chance to use the world in a game for any of the given people that might end up participating in this project; I think it will really help them connect to the world even more.

So here is the idea. The world is a "simple", naturalistic/wilderness, tribal setting. It is reminiscent of post apocalyptic style settings; but without the actual apocalypse event. I have a few ideas for some of the tribes that I want to exist. I am going to be posting an example tribe and a short list of some other tribe ideas soon.

Where I'd like to get other people's creative input is in designing new tribes, or fleshing out ideas I haven't done much detail on. Thats the main thing I'm looking for. Other ideas and input, generic concepts and ideas on the world and the interaction between the tribes and stuff like that is also welcome.

I'm going to edit and vet and have final say on stuff; but I'm looking to use as much of other's ideas and input as purely as possible. So if you come up with a cool tribe, I'm not going to change stuff to just fit the way I would have done it; I'll only change something if it just doesn't fit in the world at all.

I'll post a general summary of the world concept soon as well. For an idea go to this link:
It gives a pretty good framework for the style of world I'm working on creating. And yes I'm planning on including the whole "no one lives beyond the age of 20 something" theme that Tribes: The Dog Years has going on. That is a huge detail to keep in mind. I'll also very soon post a "creation myth" from the viewpoint of one of the tribes.