Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dresden Files Session 3

This session began with a trip to the Seattle Underground.  Cyphus was not entirely certain about this little side trip, what with the dirt and such that is usually associated with underground things.  I mean these clothes might be only a glamour, but they are sure patterned after some very expensive items!  But the exciting stuff was going to be happening down there, and Selise was depending on him for some more entertainment.

Thankfully the whole thing turned out to be a fun journey in wardrobe variation!  Cyphus got to play fashionably challenged tourist, fashionable Victorian era train passenger, and appropriately backwards farm person!  So many glamours, so much fun.  The magical train thing that we rode on was very nice as well, Cyphus may have to get one at the Menagerie.

We met an interesting guy named Crafter.  He specializes in creating magical weapons and items.  Cyphus was a bit suspicious of the fact that this guy was making a whole bunch of weaponized magical spells that could be used by just anyone.  But he didn't really stay all that worried, because he met someone even more interesting...Jerry!  He is such an interesting fellow.  Super fun to talk to, and with the most amazing talent for finding things.  Oh!  There was also a gate to the Peach Spring place!  Crafter had made it for something, but Cyphus can't remember who.  Doesn't really matter though, this is how he can get his egg hatched.

Apparently the thing needs five coins to open it up.  Jerry has one, but it was meant for someone or something like that.  Cyphus told Jerry that he would be very interested in any other coins that Jerry might find.  Oh and there was a girl in the mirror.  The dead one.  Apparently she had been spying on all of us.  Thankfully it was only the magically significant stuff or something like that, so most of Cyphus' escapades are probably not on record.

For some reason we decided to go plant a fake ring at George's place.  Finally something Cyphus was good at.  Of course it was super easy to sneak in and plant it, with a veil to hide himself from sight, and his finely honed skills at breaking and entering.  There was also a nice lucky break that the security system was having some maintenance done.  Cyphus was still really impressive though, no doubt about that.  He managed to quickly switch out the ring for a shiny coin, which just happened to be one of the ones for that gate!  Now he only had to locate three more.  There was some sort of altercation with George's folks, but nothing really came of it.  Oh, Steven signed some sort of deal with George; but Cyphus didn't pay much attention to that.

After that we went to a little get together at Blue Jazz.  There were some interesting people there, but by Oberon they were all shown up by the presence of the Summer Lady!  She was glorious.  Cyphus could not help but being awestruck.  He did his best to contain his excitement and stick by Selise.  She was after all his connection to the higher Sidhe society.  The silly white court vampire was talking about peace or cooperation or something like that.  Cyphus made it clear that his loyalty was with the Summer Court.  Then some lady came in and threatened a bunch of people.  How drool.

After that Chin Xi talked to the group, telling us how she was trying to get to Peach Blossom Spring.  What luck, that was where Cyphus wanted to go as well.  Cyphus agreed to help her if she let him hatch the egg in the spring.  After that everyone left the bar, and walked into a war zone.  Cyphus was worried about the other Summer fae, so he rushed quickly home to the Zoo to check on things.  When he got there he discovered that Kaelyn had been killed (no big loss), the Summer Lady and her Knight were at the Zoo recuperating (OMG OMG OMG), and Selise was missing (OH NO!!).  

Cyphus rushed off to try and find her.  He got Akina to help him sniff out her location, and found her trapped in a small old-fashioned glass bottle.  Cyphus began to panic when he was unable to pull out the cork or break the bottle despite his best efforts.  He quickly got a hold of the magic users he knew, namely Chong and Jacob, asking for assistance.  Thankfully Jacob was able to set Selise free.  Cyphus and Selise were both very grateful, and very interested in seeking revenge against the one who had imprisoned her in the first place, Rebecca Black.


  1. Props to the GM, the story sounds awesome. Also--Rebecca Black? Like from "Friday"?

  2. Yes, the name is an homage to that.